Competence BACH Composite Industry has nearly three decades of experience in creating world-class composite solutions. Our dedicated R&D test center enables us to offer our customers cutting- edge technologies, which prove particularly useful when developing and optimizing new or existing products. BACH Composite Industry also possess a dedicated team of employees specializing in international development, all with solid, professional skills in their area of expertise. We are also integrated into our customers’ supply chain – sometimes at the customer’s own factory.

Capacity BACH Composite Industry has seven factories in fi ve countries on three different continents, with a strong presence in the northern hemisphere. In 2012 alone, we achived an output of more than 100,000 vacuum-infused composite panels. With a strong supply chain we specialize in everything from design and manufacture to delivery of the fi nished product. As our capacity represents mass production on a large scale and custom made solutions we can ensure that our customers always receive high value.

Competence + Capacity = Capability Our expertise, cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff combined with the ability to develop, produce and deliver solutions on a large scale means that BACH Composite Industry is highly competitive on an international scale. From research and design to manufacturing and distribution we provide total solutions. Our processes are optimized from concept to fi nished product and we have the capability to meet the challenges of new industries and build strong partnerships both locally and globally.